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You can contact us via E-mail or at our home (210)787-3546.  We have 5 puppy for sale but we really just want to spread the word about our furry Poms.



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  1. Ashley Steen says:

    How much for a boy? My one year old Pom needs a friend and we have been searching! Thanks.

  2. Mandy says:

    I’m very interested in adding one of these adorable babies to our family can you please send me some pricing info.

  3. Lindsay McGowan says:

    Looking for more info on a female puppy thanks!

    • admin says:


      What sort of information would you like? All will be AKC certified and available after they are weaned and have their first shots. We will give them the first round of shots, except for rabies vaccines, which must be administered by a Vet.

      Price for the females is not set, but expect around $500

  4. Maria Garcia says:

    I’m interested in more information – AKC – pricing on female pup

  5. admin says:

    Paco was sold last year. We have 5, yes 5!, new puppies born in late december. 2 Females, 3 Males. One female is going to be a very tiny adult, and is cream or white (we aren’t sure yet). You can see her and her sister on our for sale page.

    The white ones sister and her 3 cousins (all male) are going to be varying shades of orange with sable (black) highlights.

    On the husky, he’s been fixed so no babies for him. He’s great with the small dogs, and has already been introduced to the babies.

    I have another video I want to post when I have time… it’s hysterical!

    Love to hear back from you

    John and Jenny

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